Landscape Design

Yakusha design studio performs landscape design for all climate zones. Our projects over the years please our customers.

Our range of services includes:

  • area ssessment (analysis of the status of existing plantations, the study of soil and water resources, measurement bias, etc.)
  • development of landscape project (option of plans with the placement of functional areas, small architectural forms and elements of landscape architecture, annual and perennial plantings)
  • development of specific planning schemes (drainage, drip irrigation, lighting, utilities, etc.);
  • development of stylistic solutions of landscape;
  • creating of computer 3D-models of landscape design;
  • preliminary budgeting (planting and building material, equipment);
  • design of exclusive details of landscape design: gazebos, alpine slides, pools, arches, etc.;
  • accomplishment of territory and planting;
  • supervision of project implementation — organization and control of all processes of design, construction and completion of the project landscaping;
  • works to care for plants.

Landscape design: cost is USD 100-200 per one hundred square meters of land. This cost includes computer visualization, and a complete set of drawings with the development of copyright items:

  • area master plan
  • dendroplan
  • art elements projects
  • watering systems plan
  • landscape area lighting scheme
  • changing landscape topography projects etc.