Architectural design

Yakusha design studio creates an architectural designs of various buildings to meet the requirements of regulations. The client receives a complete package of documents for construction.

Our range of services includes:

  • Preparatory work on the study of the problem, collection of baseline data, the formation of technical specifications for the design;
  • creation of the architectural concept;
  • development of conceptual design — architectural and planning solutions at home (floor plans with furniture and equipment);
  • creation of an architectural project in the amount necessary to match with regulations
  • development of three-dimensional solutions at home (plans, elevations, sections, units and parts, sheets, profiles and specifications, explanatory note);
  • creation of three-dimensional color images of objects and their basic premises;
  • release of the complete set of architectural and construction documents
  • supervision of construction of the object.

Architectural design: cost is USD 20-50 per square meter of floor area on the premises. This cost includes computer visualization, and a complete set of drawings with the development of copyright elements:

  • architectural, construction, engineering drawings
  • drawings showing the layout of the house, its facades, sections, some components and parts
  • calculations and diagrams of all the supporting elements of the building
  • calculations for heating, ventilation and air conditioning facilities
  • internal plumbing and sewage systems calculations, as well as water supply external wiring and sanitation
  • electrical equipment schemes etc.