Your “I’m comfortable in” is our best prize, but we have some other:

  • The best interior design of offices and cultural spaces at ArtSpace Award 2019 (Ya Vsesvit project)
  • Interior of the Year 2018, Ukraine (Ya Vsesvit project)
  • Special Architectural Award by St Sophia Homes, 2019
  • Among the best offices at Ukrainian KIFF, 2019
  • Best office interior design in Ukraine, 2018
  • The winner of Bologna Design Week (FAINA Furniture & Decor collection), 2016
  • Best home design list in Germany (CUBE project), 2015
  • Industart (International Industrial Design Award), 2015
  • Inter*Year, 2015
  • Special prize for Viktoriya Yakusha for engaging in APC-Caffe project (House&Interior Magazine), 2015
  • Interium Award 2013, 2nd place in the interior design category
  • Architectural Award, 2012