Design Studio 

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

‘Ya Vsesvit’ means ‘I’m the universe’ in Ukrainian. It’s a modern minimalist space for design-minded people that consists of several units - a design studio, gallery, coworking space and lecture hall. They work as a single organism, transforming from one into another.

               The calm monochromatic interior is based on combinations. Past and present. Rough stone and sleek bricks on the walls. Modern futuristic coating and authentic clay, recreated with the 400-year-old local craft technique.

               Ya Vsesvit is born from the cultural roots and historical background of Ukraine. Guests of the space are welcomed with two gigantic wooden mortars named ‘Stupa’ from a vintage market. Floor vases ‘Trembita’ are made of burnt wood and repeat the shape of a local musical instrument with the same name.

               Unique things add the mood to the overall cleanliness of lines. In the centre of a cave-style meeting room, there is a massive table made of a single piece of stone,  geometry and form of which were preserved untouched.